The Pros and Cons of Propecia

Baldness is a common problem among men, and those who are looking for an effective hair loss product might want to try propecia. It is a well-known hair loss product that prevents further hair loss and even stimulates hair growth. The main ingredient that helps provide these positive effects is finasteride, which decreases the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the main cause of baldness in men and women. A previous study has also shown that 83% of the 1,500 male participants who took finasteride for two years reported startling hair growth, a full stop in hair loss, or both. Propecia is described as an antiandrogen treatment that is concerned with preventing baldness or stopping hair loss from getting worse. A 1 mg pill was released in 1998, and this is now used as the initial dose for most users who are taking this medication. The international counterpart of this medication is generic finasteride, or “Finpecia.”

These two pills have the same ingredients and come in 1 mg tablets. But what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this pill? Read on to find out. The first obvious advantage of using this pill is that it stops hair loss fast. Around 80% of men who took this drug say that it has helped them get rid of hair loss, and some have even observed hair growth within a year after taking it. It normally takes three months before a user notices the lack of hair loss. A second advantage to using this pill is that it is very small, which means that the more self-conscious users can easily hide and take the pills discreetly. Another advantage of this pill is that it has been widely proven to stop hair loss. One disadvantage of this hair loss product is that it can only prevent hair loss as long as the person is taking it. If the person decides to stop medication, then it is very likely that hair loss – and the dreaded receding hairline – would reappear. Other disadvantages of taking this pill are that it is costly and that it might cause temporary erectile dysfunction, which has prevented some men from using this drug. Women are not advised to use this medication as a way to treat female pattern baldness.

Despite these disadvantages, no one can deny that this hair loss drug is effective. Most men who took – or are taking – this pill report that their hair loss has stopped completely and that about 15% of their hair has become thicker. While some users of this hair loss medication are well into their forties, there are users who are as young as 23. Several users have even claimed to be using this medication for years, but they still have not experienced any drastic changes in their sex drive and semen count. This means that this particular side effect may affect only a small number of users. Now that you know what propecia is and what some of its advantages and disadvantages are, will you start taking it?