Prevent Hair Loss with Propecia

Propecia is a tablet taken orally to manage male hair loss due to the increased amounts of a certain hormone in the body. It has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been available in the market for years. The medication facilitates a proper environment within the body system that makes it advantageous for growing hair. Women are not recommended to take this drug. Pregnant individuals or those who are expecting to become one should not even be handling these pills. Absorption of the drug can result to defects to the developing fetus.

Right dosage

Taking Propecia to avoid loss of hair in males requires 1 milligram dose. This amount has been found to be the appropriate quantity of the drug to obtain effective outcomes among male users. Majority of those who had taken it found that hair loss has decelerated or had totally discontinued. Many of them had reported to have noticed new hairs that began to grow again.

Long term commitment in treatment

For patients who are prescribed Propecia should be aware that this is a long term treatment and commitment is very important. It can happen that hair loss will start occurring again after six months to one year from termination of treatment. Nonetheless, this medication remains effective and safe to use by men. If the patient can assure himself that he can commit to the treatment, it can be very beneficial in the long run.

Different beneficial effects

This drug leads to various types of outcomes to its male users and may not be as efficient for all types of hair loss or baldness. There are patients who have reported hair growth. There are various causes for alopecia or hair loss but it appears that the most common cause is the increased levels of the naturally occurring hormone in the body that can be found in the scalp. The hormone is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and it acts on the hair follicles. When the levels of DHT in the body are more than necessary, it may cause follicles to either decelerate its function or totally stop.

Thick and natural-looking hair

This drug hinders the production of DHT. When this happens, hair growth may return producing thick and more natural hair. If the person had fine hair before, he may grow thicker ones this time. The drug is recommended to be continuously taken for three months in order to see the initial effects. If taken for a long time, hair growth may continue and no evident indications of hair loss may be noticed.

Side-effects of Propecia

Drugs have side effects but with this drug, the effects are not the same for all patients. In addition, they usually wane with continual use of the medication. It may affect sexual functions of the male individual, but this may only happen to less than two percent of individuals taking the drug.

Overall, there are lots of advantages when taking this medication to prevent or manage male hair loss. It can immensely improve the person’s confidence when it comes to hair. When a person is confident, this radiates to other aspects of his life, his personality and disposition.